Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too many things at once...

You know where I wrote "trying to do too many things at once" in my profile?

Well guess what. It got me again. Here's a list:

1) I have been seriously neglecting my flies. As in really bad. As in I am in trouble big time. And it's all my fault. /*sigh*

2) I also wanted to get a lot of uni stuff done this week. What did I do? Nada. Excatly nada.

3) I am moving house in less than 48 hours.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last of the Sock-it-to-me-Swap!

Here's the promised knitting-related post. ;)

It's a bit of a sad post though - the Sock-it-to-me Swap3 is over. It was sooo much fun!!! I had two awesome partners!

Barb, you are a scary stalker and were spot on with your parcels! I have already told you how much I adore your socks but need to put it here as well: those socks are so special to me. Everytime I need a bit of comfort and spoiling I put these socks on. Thank you sooo much for all my three awesome parcels!

Sadly I took no picture of the second parcel which contained the socks (camera was temporarily hiding from me. ahem) and as the socks are rather wet and on the line at the moment, I still owe you all a pic of my most favourite socks, but I do have a pic of the third package:

Lucky me. I know. :)
Pretty much speechless here. So I'll just leave it at this: Thank you sooo much, Barb! Oh and if you are wondering where the hot chocolate went. Well. What can I say. It was delicous. lol

And on the giving end - I had so much fun spoiling Sara - as she has received her last package, I can finally reveal the socks for it as well. lol (Sara - those were always supposed to be your swap socks, the other pair was a spur of the moment idea...)

The pattern is Komet by Stephanie van der Linden - I went for a rummage in Sara's Ravelry queue and decided I would like to knit those socks for her. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug in velvet leaf - happend to be looking at me and both Sara and I love green - so it seemed like a good fit.
And while the yardage is slightly short on the Jitterbug, I would have been fine with one skein if I had stuck to number of pattern repeats in the leg - but I added 1 or at least a half repeat so I had to dig into my second skein for the second toe. Good thing I had that skein.
And Sara says they fit! Am I relieved or what? I thought they might possibly be a bit big, but it seems I worried needlessly.

Well, that's it folks, two posts in a day - don't expect anything like that again soon. lol.
I'm going back to my spinning now. Now that I've found my oil for the wheel I might actually not entertain the whole house with creaking noises. ;)

Is it just me?

Or is this title just a bit.... hm, not sure - suggestive, hilarious or what?

Here's the translation/explanation for you non-German people:
"Der Spiegel" is a big weekly newsmagazine (I have a subscribtion).
The title reads: "Judas Traitor in the name of God?"
And the bit underneath reads: " We wait for Obama"


To be fair - it's quite clear those are two different stories (the second one is an interview with Irans president Ahmadinedschad). But still. Something isn't quite right there.
Or is it just me? Please tell me that it's not just me. lol

So, I've been thinking about if I should post this (vaguely political if funny) here all week and just decided to go for it (this is last mondays issue Nr. 16). Just for the record - I do not intent to insult anybody, I just think it's a funny juxtaposition of title stories/interviews and a sub-optimal layout. And I promise this'll not turn into a political blog - there's enough out there and politics is really not my thing. It just made me chuckle, so I thought I share.

As this is turning into a slightly random post - I just discovered this band, album is already downloaded and playing non-stop here. Like it a lot. :)
Go and check it out!

A more knitting related post to follow in a few minutes (just a short one), trying to keep things in order here. Yeah, I know. Me and order. You may go and laugh. I am.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yes, I have finally made time for the wheel again!
And: it is going really well. For not having spun in a while I'm extremely chuffed - this is the finest and most even yarn I have ever produced....

This is about a third of what I have of this fibre, I'm planning to make this a 2-ply and hopefully still have something in the lace weight category or at least very light baby or fingering weight.

The single is averaging in at 36 wpi. I believe this is Shetland and that I bought it from Scottish Fibre. But I might be wrong - I have only recently started to label my fibre stash properly, so for this one I have to rely on my memory. 'nuff said. lol

Do you like my wpi tool? I splashed out on some nice KaratStix things a while ago. And oh, they are soooo pretty. And yes, those are sock wearing penguins. And yes, that was a custom order, I though why not put two of my most favourite things together. Luckily Karen from KaratStix shares my humour and came up with the most adorable set of penguins.

In knitting news - the shrug has reached the stage of the stocking stitch expanse over the back and is thus hibernating until I can make myself pick it up again. lol
And the unicorn and I are still in negotiations. But I'm hopeful that the swatching will commence shortly. ;)

Oh, and I hope everybody had a nice easter break - mine was awesome. I went up to Jen's for friday afternoon/evening and she spoiled us all rotten with her cooking and baking (if you want to have a look - here's her food blog, just have a bowl ready for the drool). Saturday was then spent driving back through gorgeous countryside under clear blue skies and setting up tents at Cosmeston for the easter show. I only went on the Sunday which was a blast!

I had a great time, the weather was fantastic and the public friendly and interested. Well, except for one incredible twat who was deliberately asking stupid questions to catch me out and/or make fun of us. The best was the statement "My dad is a Jew." Randomly thrown into the conversation. Now, what exactly has this got to do with a living history display and your previous questions (pointless and random as they were) about the spinning and the food? I suspect he had finally spotted my accent and wanted to drive me over the edge. So I sweetly replied: "I'm German. Do we hate each other now?" Somehow he took off very shortly afterwards. rofl
Such an idiot. Why he went there and spent good money to get in, I will never understand, I suspect. It still amazes me why people try really hard to catch you out or make you angry - now what's the point if you don't know the person (winding somebody you know up, now, that's a whole different story. That's fun. ;) yes I'm evil.)
And so you don't think everybody is like that - the sweetest thing were two little sisters who came up to the camp speaking German and wondering how the spinning was done. So, I explained to them. In German. They didn't really notice and took a stranger speaking in their language well within their stride. A couple mins later daddy comes up as well (he had been watching them from a distance) and the older of the two greets him with "Daddy, she spoke German!" Oh, so adorable and cute. Daddy obviously was the English speaking part of the parents, so we swapped back to English but those are the experiences I love. Sadly I had to leave them to tend to the cooking but one of us showed one of the girls how to spin with a drop spindle - and the little one was doing really well! Things like that are luckily in the majority otherwise doing this wouldn't be so much fun.

Anyway, I intend to go back to my spinning now. Hoping to get this lot done by the weekend, so I can dive into some of my other rovings.
So, you see Sarah? I do not only buy fibre. I do actually do some spinning. Well, very occasionally at least. ;)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stroppy Unicorns

You remember a while back when I raved about the Unicorn Club? Hm. Yes, you might.
Well I got my first skein a week or so ago.
And don't get me wrong - the yarn is wonderfully soft and fluffy. The colour is gorgeous.
But. But. But. Aren't unicorns supposed to be friendly and docile creatures? Maybe a bit shy, but still - friendly. Yeah. I thought so, too.

Looks innocent enough? Actually very beautiful and innocent. And it does love a good cuddle.

But my, I seem to have managed to get the odd one out.
This one is rather stroppy, demanding and very argumentative.

When I saw the yarn in the shop I though - oh wow. There's my fingerless gloves/mitts for the autumn/winter. And the unicorn seemed to nod its ok to me from its little picture.
Guess what. Now that we've actually met, it has quite changed its tune. No more - oh yes, fingerless mitts sounds good. I'd be really please to warm you cold hands.
Oh no. Not for this one. Now it's all: I WANT TO BE THIS SHAWL!!!
And apparently there's no compromise to be had. Never mind that I have knit precious little lacy shawls (or any shawls for that matter) before. Never mind that I have absolutely no clue how to translate the idea into a pattern. Never mind that I have no clue how to actually knit parts of that design the unicorn insists on. And even better - never mind that I don't think I have enough yarn if none of the above neverminds were an issue.


So, we've been discussing this for nearly a week now. And I have managed to talk the unicorn out off one part of the design that I had not the slightest idea how to knit. Getting there, I thought.

Ha. Good joke. You know what? Now it insists on beads. Yes, beads. So - you may now add "never mind that I have never knitted with beads before" to the list of neverminds above. Seems like a fantastic idea to do so on a pattern of my own (ok, well unicorn) design. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

And the worst? The Unicorn is very close to winning - I'm very close to giving up and actually try the shawl - just to shut it up.
So - Jeni and Amanda - please, please, please - for next month, could you make sure I get a well-behaved and not so-full-of-itself unicorn?

In the meanwhile I continue to knit Tanja's Shrug. Nearly done with the first sleeve. And glaring menacingly at the unicorn. It also flat out refuses to go and live with the other yarns in the stash box. Apparently they are too common for it. pffft. Stroppy, I tell you.