Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope you all have a lovely and wonderfull Christmas!
I was trying to find a nice picture of our tree just now but failed, I shall take a pic later when it's lit up again and post that.

This Christmas is once again showing me how grateful I am for my family. They are some amazing kind of awesome! Eventhough things aren't going exactly to plan...
Getting home to my parents was a bit of a challenge this year. I was supposed to take the Eurostar train on saturday at lunch time. Yep. Got to London only to find out that nothing was moving. Yay. I will not go in a rant on Christmas day, but let me just say the the help of the Eurostar people was absolutley non-existing. (A place to sit and re-group? Maybe a hot drink? Nevermind any form of assistance for re-arranging things? Anyone? Now, why should they bother?).
Fist instance of super-parents: within hours they had booked me a hotel in London and very little time later a flight for sunday evening. Off I go to the hotel. Which I leave at sunday lunchtime to go out to Standsted thinking, I'll be home this evening.
Now Düsseldorf airport is closed. Because of snow and ice. And because my flight was so late in the day the only airport in the region that was still operating (Cologne/Bonn) was packed full and had no more space for planes. Düsseldorf opend up again eventually. But that was too late - no planes landing or taking off from there between 11pm and 6 am.
And eventhough one could have guessed this at 6pm on sunday evening already, they didn't tell us until 11pm (or maybe even midnight) about this. Followed by the announcement that there were no hotel rooms available, not even for the crew. Great. A night at the gate in Stansted airport. They did manage to transport us back to the terminal building for about an hour at 2 in the morning to feed and water us (least they could do!) and we left stansted at 4am to land in Düsseldorf a little past 6 am - fun bit - our crew was only allowed to fly until 6.30am, after that they would have had to find us a new crew as well.
Oh and if anyone thinks they would have given us any pillows or blankets, then think again. Nope it was the standard airport seats and whatever you happend to have with you.

But I finally made it home on monday morning, was fed with frest proper bread-rolls (something you just don't get in GB) and then went straight to bed.
But. This little extended trip has aggrevated the already existing cold I had (yes, another one). So I spend the morning of Christmas eve waiting at the emergency doctor. Who kindly told me I do not have pneumonia (rofl) and gave me antibiotics. So. I was up for dinner and presents last night and am starting to feel better today. But this is not the Christmas I had envisaged.

My parents and my aunt are absolute stars, though. I'm being spoiled rotten and waited on hand and foot. Which I can only enjoy so much because I feel rather rubbish still. This is why I'm lucky. Instead of complaining for srewing up all of Christmas and bringin a lot of chaos with me, I get taken care of and cuddled whenever I want to. And currently my parents have gone to Cologne to try to re-book my return ticket, as I'm not too keen to travel on sunday already and would prefer to wait a couple of days. Lucky, indeed.

Hope you all have wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Published Pattern!!!!

Yes, I know the blog has been rather quiet for a while now, but I've been busy in uni and knitting and something had got to give - hoping to settle into a new routine soonish so that blogging can creep up the to do list again.

In the mean time, just to show that I haven't forgotten the knitting bit in my life - I have just had my fist paid for pattern published!!! And am immensely proud.

It's the Amundsen Hat (this is the Ravelry link) in the current issue of "The Knitter" magazine (issue 13):

This is the best picture I have of the hat - taking pictures of a hat you are wearing yourself was interesting. And I couldn't wait for anybody else to come home as the deadline was looming and I had to pack the hat up for mailing.

It's a mix of techniques - the brim is knit in double knitting (don't worry, it's just a few rows of that, I didn't know how to do it initially, this pattern is great to give it a try) and then the work is split. First you knit a plain beanie hat for the inside and when that one is finished you knit the outer lacy hat.
After blocking the colour of the inner hat should "peak through" the lace and add some interest to the pattern.

And while I'm completely biased (it's my pattern after all), I really do like that hat. Might just be a bit warm for the south Wales winter though, the best thing here for winter is still an umbrella. ;) So if you are living in a colder climate or like warm hats - this is the one for you - very toasty as the layers trap the warmth.