Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Baby Knitting cuteness, part II

Long overdue, sorry, been spending way too much time in the lab.

But as the due dates for the babies approach (one on saturday, the other some time next week) I want to get the pictures up.

So, to recap. Each mummy to be is getting a pair of Duck feet.
And each one baby is having a little Cuddly Buddy Bunny to hold on to in case mum and/or dad are too far away to hold hands:


I used the Bunny Blanket Buddy pattern from Lion Brand with Sidar Snowflake DK yarn held double. The body was knit on 4.5mm needles and the head on 3.5mm needles. Each bunny took pretty much exactly 2 balls of yarn.
I improvised the head a little as the double knitting with the Snowflake yarn was just too tedious for me (I actually like to see what I'm doing when I'm doing more than standard knit or purl), so I knit it in the round after the first two rounds/rows. Which made for some interesting improvisation when I got to the ears but I think you can't tell on the finished bunnies. I also kitchnered the last few stitches together - I feel that is safer than just pulling the thread through.


And to finish off with my alterations I did not use "regular" toy stuffing. I was too worried that curious little fingers could get through the knitted fabric. So, I got two little face washcloths (one for each bunny), folded them (I believe in 6th) and used those to stuff the head. Yes, it means the bunnies have a slightly square-ish face but I think they are still cute. And - it makes the whole thing even more washable - no danger of the the stuffing clumping and lumping together after the wash.


And because one of the pregnant ladies is one of my oldest friends (I think we know each other rather too well for about 15 years now), she had to get a little extra:


And no, the teddy just happend to be in the living room when I was taking pictures. He's not going into the parcel; he's not even mine.
This is the Papoose pattern knit in Wollmeise Fluffy in Zenzi (hell). While my friend is not a knitter and certainly will not appreciate getting a baby gift made from Wollmeise yarn (but she is knit-worthy, trust me!), I wanted to make it "special" for me. And it also happend to be one of the few yarns I had in my stash that was gender-neutral and I had enough yardage of; I started this project before I (or the parents) knew "what" they had produced (they are having a little girl, hence the pink bunny).


I knit the baby sack (this is what I call it lol) on 3.75mm needles and it took most of two hanks of the Wollmeise Fluffy. Though I think I might have enough left over for a pair of 1-year-old socks or so. ;)

I'll now go back to waiting for texts that a certain person has arrived in this world (my friend was rather willing her daughter to come out on sunday, she was fed up with being kicked in the bladder), packing baby parcels and knitting present scarfs (yes, my new addiction, I feel a winter of scarfs coming my way).

I'll leave you with one more picture of cuteness.


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