Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Important Interuption!

Hi guys,
I'm insanely busy right now because a couple of things that I thought I still had a couple of weeks (sense the procrastinating theme?) are actually happening this weekend (fun things but still); will tell you after. On top of that the little buggers that are this autumns cold viruses have found me and knocked me out for the last 4 days. Which means that now I'm not only behind on the (not so important) extra-curricular activities but also need to scramble to get my uni stuff done this week. Fun times.

Originally I wanted to write a proper long and explanatory blog post about this, but now time has gotten away from me. :( So - if you are so inclined (and living in Great Britain) - please, please, please visit this website www.scienceisvital.org.uk and sign the petition. As I said, I'm just scraping in under the deadline - which is tomorrow, wednesday 13th October 2010 at 13.30. But this is really, really, really important for many reasons - all outlined on that site... I have signed and the more the better.

I shall leave you with my most recent discovery - do not empty your tube of blocking wires and pins on your bed and then sit down. Makes for prickly sitting.
*rubs bum*
Take care everyone!

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