Thursday, October 07, 2010

Last night...

... we (we being the knitters in and around Cardiff) finally got to meet those lucky enough to be able to go on the CraftLit/Knitty London, Bath and Wales Tour 2010. We met in a local pub and chatted and laughed and knitted the time away.


There might have been some yarn buying/selling...
(I love the faces in that picture!)

And a certain Heather was very happy to finally have some internet access (the pub had free wifi)...
I guess for once I'm ok with carrying my laptop back and forth every day - made a couple of people a little happier.

I also finally, finally got to exchange scarfs with Patti. Long anticipated and then suddenly last weekend it came over me - I still have to block my scarf for Patti. ;) So after an emergency blocking session on sunday night, it was luckily nicely dry by tuesday (gotta love the wet British autumn...). So here's the scarf I knitted Patti:

It's Fyberspates Echo self-striping sock yarn in "Shades of Black and Blue". The pattern is something I came up with for Patti.

The funny thing about Patti and me exchanging scarfs was that once we'd agree to it, we immediately realised that we both loved the same colours. Bonus! She knitted me the most gorgeous Entrelac-Scarf in stunning greens - can't wait for the weather to get cool enough to wear a warm wooly scarf, I want to show off this scarf. It's still a bit too warm at the moment though. And Patti also gave me a gorgeous hank of yarn. Sadly it was too dark when I got home today, so I haven't been able to take a really good picture of scarf and yarn (will show you on the weekend, hopefully), so you'll have to accept this:
Patti and me, happily wearing our new scarfs.
I have now draped mine lovingly over my wardrobe and keep looking up at it. Can't. wait. for. winter. to. come. :)

I shall blog again on the weekend, I have a few things queued up here....
Have a great friday everyone!


josiehenley said...

thanks for the memory! it was a lovely evening indeed. I haven't got around to blogging it yet but will be doing so very soon!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to meet you last week. Thank you for letting me use your German keyboard!