Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lozenge Socks (or Catch-Up, part I)

Ahem. I feel slightly sheepish about this. But. In December, in "The Knitter" magazine (issue 26) there is a pattern of mine. And at the time I was too busy to blog. In my defence I was expecting the mag to publish the pattern in issue 27, but that must have been a misunderstanding somewhere along the way.
Here's one of the two pictures I have.


The socks are called "Lozenge Socks" and are knit with Lang Yarns Jawoll Sock yarn - the "Magic" for the colour-changing yarn (shade 84.0074) and the "solid superwash" (shade 83.0025). The Knitter was very kind to me and published all three sizes (S, M, L; the M fits a UK shoe size 8) and both written instructions and charts.
That's how I like things - a choice of sizes and a choice of instructions. I personally am a chart knitter (mostly) but know plenty of people who prefer written instructions - and I have to admit every now and then written instructions are useful.

And as per usual - errata (not aware of any atm) and questions to me please - either through comments here, PM on Ravelry or email (you can find that in the upper corner). :)

I shall leave you with a picture of the foot/toe section.


Have a good week everyone!


King Becky said...

I love these socks :) xx

King Becky said...

I love these socks! (i also love the yarn!)xx