Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Try Again.

Yours truly is feeling very much like an idiot.
See this:


I was so proud. Finally finished knitting my Autumn Arbor Stole. And spend the last evening carefully grafting it together. Or so I thought. Look at the bottom edge of the picture, you can already tell.
See this?


Fail. Complete and utter grafting fail.


So. Not. Impressed. With. Myself.
From how it looks I must have made a mistake right at the very beginning, I've put an evil green arrow into the picture for your benefit. My only saving grace is that I for once haven't darned in any ends so that in theory I should be able to undo the grafting row and try again. Which will have to wait.

I think a time-out is in order. At least until the beast is dry.
Live and learn. Or something like that.

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