Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Patti's Scarf

Well over a year ago the Craflit and Knitty holiday tour stopped off in Wales. And we met up and had a lovely evening chatting and meeting each other. For that meet-up we had arranged a scarf-exchange and Patti and I partnered up.
Here's us with our new scarves (that would be Patti on the left and me with the gorgeous scarf she knitted for me on the right):


And I have finally gotten around to writing up the pattern for her scarf. And because Craftlit and Patti were the inspiration behind the scarf, it is now available to download (for free!) from the Craftlit site (if you are luckily enough to have a "smart" phone and the Craftlit app then the pattern has been available to you for the past week already).

So, I present you "Patti's Scarf":


It's knit in sock yarn - the light blue one (on the pattern title page) is knit in good old Regia Sock Wool (no link here as that yarn is luckily pretty much omnipresent), the red one in 100% Merino sock yarn from the Wollmeise and Patti's original dark blue scarf was knit in Fyberspates Echo self-striping. You'll need 550-600m of yarn, somewhere around the 150g mark and 3.5mm needles.
The scarf is knit in two halves which are then grafted together - sorry guys, but the edging only works when "knitted up". And I have fallen in love with the edging, so I think it's worth the little effort on the grafting.


Here are a few links on how to do grafting/kitchener stitch:

Simple Kitchener Stitch:
Knitty - Techniques with Theresa
Knittinghelp.com - Youtube video
nonaKnits - for those who struggle with the knitwise and purlwise directions...
knitting-and.com - Tutorial for grafting stocking and garter stitch
Wikihow.com - Tutorial for grafting stocking and garter stitch (may I point you to one of the last tip for grafting ribbing - which is what you need to do if you want the "perfect" join for the scarf)
Stolen Stitches - Tutorial for grafting 2x2 Ribbing
fey - k2p2 grafting (no images but clear instructions)

If you have any questions about the grafting (as this is neither pure stocking stitch nor pure 2x2 ribbing), ask away, I'm toying with the idea of putting a tutorial up but haven't worked out how to grow the second set of arms I'd need to do the grafting and photography at the same time....

Big thanks go out to JenAC for a wonderful job in tech editing! Thanks for all the help, Jen!
I hope you like the pattern and enjoy knitting it. As per usual - please let me know about any problems or errors in the pattern, so that I can help you and fix it for other knitters.

The pattern is up on the Craftlit page at the moment, so head over there if you fancy knitting Patti's Scarf. And it's a *free* pattern, you can just go there and download it if you so with. It's in the sidebar on the right, you have to scroll down a little to get to the button. I'm not placing the button here because I want you to go and have a look at Craftlit, I think what Heather is doing is great, I can't wait for my next "Dracula"-Fix.

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